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May 31, 2014

BRONX NEWS: Anti-abortion activists don’t ‘like’ Bronx clinic

Anti-abortion activists don’t “like” the way this Morris Park clinic promotes its services.

Pro-lifers are blasting Bronx Abortion for its social media posts, which invite pregnant women to like or share weekend walk-in hours and other “events.”

The clinic occupies a nondescript brick building on Eastchester Ave., but its website and Facebook page are adorned with pink borders and pictures of smiling doctors, and anti-abortion groups are rankled.

Lucy LeFever, a blogger for the pro-life group Live Action, says she was infuriated by a recent Facebook post that prompted her to invite friends to the clinic’s Saturday walk-in hours.

“To take abortion so lightly that they advertise on something like Facebook is disgusting,” LeFever told The News on Thursday. “Without the word ‘abortion’ on the page in curly writing, the pink and the hearts make it look like a coffee shop fan page or a manicure and pedicure Groupon deal.”

Social media is a natural medium for clinics to reach women, pro-choice advocates said.

“If people feel that they need to get an abortion they have the right to access one,” said Christine Davitt of the New York Abortion Access Fund. “Obviously, a lot of women are on social media so if that is a way to reach them we support that.”

Bronx Abortion’s Facebook page offers more than just its hours of operation. The page also serves as a sounding board: Pro-choice posts promote women’s reproductive rights and recount the recent wave of laws, in states across the country, that make it harder for women to access health services.

One post asks: “Do you live in Baton Rouge? Come to the Bronx. We will take care of you,” and links to an article about legislative efforts that would significantly curtail the number of abortion clinics in Louisiana.

LeFever, 20, who studies at The King’s College, a Christian liberal arts college in Lower Manhattan, wasn’t interested in any of that.

“The abortion industry thinks it can make abortions cutesy or trendy, and they treat it like a product to be sold,” LeFever said.

But restrictive laws are becoming commonplace; the Pelican State is on the verge of joining Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Wisconsin in passing regulations that would shutter most of the state’s abortion clinics.

New York, on the other hand, has some of the most tolerant laws in the country with regards to the practice.

Even so, the abortion rate citywide has dropped in recent years. About 37% of city pregnancies were terminated in 2012 compared with 56% in 2003, according to Health Department statistics.

The Bronx is still a key battleground for reproductive rights. The borough has the highest abortion rate in the city at 48%.

“The accessibility is really important in places like the Bronx,” Davitt said. “The more access women have to services they need the better.”

An administrator for Bronx Abortion did not return calls for comment.

Anti-abortion activists don’t ‘like’ Bronx clinic

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