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Jan 13, 2018

BRONX NEWS: Baby spared in Bronx double homicide cried out for her dying mom

A 1-year-old girl, the lone survivor of a Bronx bloodbath, tried to rouse her dying mom and grandmother after both were shot by a vengeful gunman.

“Mama, mama!” the tot cried in vain after the Wednesday double homicide inside an apartment in Soundview.

Blanco Pinto, the mother of victim Susan Trivino and grandmother of slain Suchari Guzman, recounted hearing the chilling details from her step-grandson Richie Cicardo — who entered the home after the shootings.

He spied baby Abbygail trying desperately to wake the two bleeding and unresponsive women, according to Pinto. Cops said Cicardo, 24, carried his niece to safety before calling 911.

A memorial for the slain mother and daughter was set for Wednesday at the R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home in Parkchester, according to relatives.

Suspected gunman Jorge Vega, after shooting himself in the head, was still alive Saturday. Vega, 52, and Trivino were both Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus drivers who met at work.

“Everybody loved her,” said Pinto, 76, about her 54-year-old daughter Susan. “Anyplace she worked, people loved her because she was a nice woman.”

According to police, Trivino had dumped Vega one day before he appeared at her apartment. He was carrying a 9-mm. Ruger. He pulled the gun and blasted Trivino twice, then fired a single gunshot into the chest of 29-year-old Guzman.

Pinto said the couple had recently moved into the apartment together, with her daughter giving Vega the boot after he lost his MTA job and couldn’t cover his part of the rent.

A homicidal Vega returned one day after he was dumped, intent on vengeance.

“The guy said, ‘If you don’t belong to me, you don’t belong to nobody,’” said Arsenio Sanchez, stepfather to the slain Trivino. “He put the gun to her head and boom! He shot her in the head.”

According to Sanchez, Vega struggled with a drinking problem and was let go as a driver after a failed drug or alcohol test. A transit union official said Vega had resigned from his job.

Cicardo left the apartment to buy a pair of headphones Wednesday afternoon and returned to find the bodies on the floor and the baby still alive.

He was weeping when police arrived, and was initially considered a suspect. But he was instead able to provide investigators with a full narrative of the day’s lethal events.

Abbygail was wrapped in a yellow blanket and clutching a teddy bear when she was carried out of the apartment building.

Cops said the couple had a tumultuous relationship in recent months, with a domestic incident report filed with the NYPD four months before the killings.

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Baby spared in Bronx double homicide cried out for her dying mom

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