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Feb 23, 2018

BRONX NEWS: Bronx boy arrested for threatening to shoot up school on Kik app

A bullied 15-year-old Bronx boy was arrested for threatening on a social media app to shoot up his school, then trying to buy firearms online, officials said Thursday.

Members of the NYPD’s Computer Crimes Squad arrested the teen at his home in Fordham Manor Wednesday night — more than two months after he wrote to a group on the Kik app that he was sick of being bullied and was going to get a gun and “take care of things” at his school, sources said.

The teen attends the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, sources said.

Workers at Kik, the global chat platform based in Canada, learned of the threat and handed the information over to U.S. Homeland Security, which notified the NYPD.

When cops caught up with the teen, they found he had a bulletproof vest in his home.

He made several unsuccessful attempts to buy firearms online and no guns were found in his apartment, sources said.

The teen told investigators he was serious about killing his classmates because they made fun of him, according to sources.

The NYPD charged the teen with making terroristic threats.

He will be prosecuted in family court at a later date, officials said. His name was not disclosed.

“Safety always comes first and we work in close partnership with NYPD to ensure the safety of all school buildings, treating any threat with the utmost seriousness,” said Education Department spokeswoman Miranda Barbot. “This threat was addressed off-site by NYPD.”

Robert Montas, 50, a father of three who lives near Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, was at a loss to explain what might have been going through the teen’s mind.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “I know they have security here, I’ve seen them many times walking around, but there’s like maybe one officer to 300 kids. It’s hard to know what everybody’s thinking or might be carrying.”

Lorraine Martinez, 36, a social worker based in Morrisania, compared the NYPD’s response to the FBI ignoring a tip about the Parkland high school massacre suspect.

“The fact that it was that effective is actually good to know — that they’re jumping on it and not sitting on it, which (was) unfortunately the situation that happened in Florida,” she said.

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Bronx boy arrested for threatening to shoot up school on Kik app

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