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Nov 10, 2017

BRONX NEWS: Bronx neighbors face attempted murder rap for apartment shooting

Two Bronx women are facing attempted murder charges for shooting a man inside one’s apartment, cops said Thursday.

Police busted Melissa Vellon and Tyees Gilmore, both 21, in an attack that left a 32-year-old man bleeding and badly hurt inside Vellon’s West Farms apartment on Oct. 10.

“The male stabbed and the girl shot me,” the victim told officers, along with a description of his attackers before he passed out.

He was shot in the shoulder and stabbed in the neck, back and both forearms, police said.

Vellon’s boyfriend, Taheen Scott, 25, was arrested that night, but the two women fled. Police later tracked them to North Carolina, cops said Thursday.

Vellon lives with her uncle in the fourth-floor apartment on Bronx Park South near Boston Road, sources said, while Gilmore lives in another apartment on the same floor.

Cops couldn’t provide a motive for the attack.

Investigators found a blood trail leading to Vellon’s apartment and evidence someone used bleach and a mop to clean up the crime scene, sources said.

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Bronx neighbors face attempted murder rap for apartment shooting

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