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Oct 31, 2016

BRONX NEWS: Ghosts of Van Cortlandt Park

Rumor has it that the largest park in the Bronx is haunted.

More specifically, Van Cortlandt Park. The land, named after the family that owned the property when the house was built 268 years ago, has a ghostly past.

In 1778 a small group of Native Americans fighting against the British were ambushed and killed in a battle called the Stockbridge Indian Massacre, according to They were buried in the park after the brutal fight.

A monument to the Stockbridge Indians was erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution and placed near the Mosholu Golf Course side of the Park.

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Urban legend claims their spirits now roam the woods protecting the lands and the park has been haunted ever since.

Van Cortlandt Park Museum Educator Michael Grillo says he’s never seen ghosts but is not surprised.

“If people feel things around here, its because your dealing with a lot of things happening, especially in the New York area,” he told the Daily News.

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Ghosts of Van Cortlandt Park

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