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Apr 18, 2017

BRONX NEWS: Man with BB gun busted after menacing Bronx church on Easter

Worshippers at a Bronx church were able to celebrate Easter peacefully after an usher disarmed a man with a BB gun and a box cutter and held him until cops arrived, police and a church official said Monday.

The suspect, Donkor Yaw, 24, rolled up on his bike in front of the Church of the Revelation on White Plains Road just after 9 a.m. Sunday, as Easter Mass was about to begin.

Over the next 15 minutes, he walked in and out of the church twice, raising the suspicions of security guards there, police said.

When Yaw entered the church a third time, he took a seat in a pew. At that point he was disarmed by usher Antonio Mejia, 54, and held until police got there, according to Michael Garzilli, the church’s choir director.

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“He was obviously up to no good,” Garzilli said. “Who comes into a church with what looks like a gun and a box cutter?”

The suspect, who lives in the Bronx, was charged with criminal trespass, weapons possession, drug possession for prescription drugs he was carrying and criminal use of drug paraphernalia for marijuana he had in a small pipe, police said.

Yaw had no previous arrests.

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Man with BB gun busted after menacing Bronx church on Easter

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