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Feb 14, 2018

BRONX NEWS: NYPD captain accused of delaying DWI test of off-duty cop

An NYPD captain has been indicted for official misconduct after allegedly delaying a blood-alcohol test for a cop arrested on drunken driving charges, sources said.

Capt. Naoki Yaguchi, 36, the 40th Precinct executive officer, is accused of allowing more than two hours to elapse between the arrest of the unnamed off-duty cop and the test in April 2017, sources said. He was the second duty captain to respond to the scene that night.

Rules require the testing of drunken driving suspects within two hours of the stop. It’s unclear why there was a delay, but it’s possible it was a ploy to lower the cop’s blood-alcohol reading, a police official said.

Yaguchi is the NYPD’s first Japanese-American captain. The 13- year veteran was promoted on Jan. 11, 2017.

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A police source said the captain, previously a lieutenant in Patrol Borough Manhattan North, is well-liked.

“He is easy-going, maybe too easy-going as the charges reflect,” the source said.

In 2017, the Asian Jade Society, an NYPD fraternal group, honored Yaguchi with an achievement award.

Yaguchi made 4,698.30 last year, including ,082.22 in overtime, records show.

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NYPD captain accused of delaying DWI test of off-duty cop

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