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Jan 10, 2018

BRONX NEWS: O’Neill troubled over hate graffiti targeting Muslim cops

Police Commissioner James O’Neill said Tuesday he’s “extremely upset” about the graffiti scrawled on the lockers of two Muslim cops in the Bronx.

The News reported Monday that “Muslims” was scrawled on an officer’s locker at Transit District 11 near Yankee Stadium.

“F— you, Muslim b—-” was scrawled on another locker, police said.

The words “F— you,” “d—” and pictures of penises were found on some two dozen other lockers in the facility, police sources said.

Lockers of Muslim cops vandalized with hate messages in the Bronx

The Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident, as is the hate crime task force.

O’Neill said he wants the estimated 1,000 Muslim cops on the force to know he’s got their backs.

“I’m extremely upset that somebody within the department would do that,” O’Neill said. “What (Muslim officers) do for us each and every day is important.”

Deputy Inspector Zaheer Azeez, who is Muslim, runs Transit District 11. But cops say two other officers were targeted.

The graffiti was discovered Saturday night.

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O’Neill troubled over hate graffiti targeting Muslim cops

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