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Feb 22, 2018

BRONX NEWS: QUIZ: How many 5 train stops can you name?

The 5 train, more often than not, resembles a bar at happy hour, with dozens of passengers squeezed together in a confined space.

This express train even has a rush hour extension in the Bronx which takes the cramped feel up a notch.

Like pretty much everything MTA, it could be worse. Take this past President’s Day Weekend, where those lucky service industry riders had to endure the 5 train turning local for much of its Bronx-to-Manhattan run.

Suffering from a 5 train hangover? Take our quiz to overcome your holiday weekend.

MAP: Find the best restaurants along NYC’s 5-train subway line

As with all these subway stop quizzes, no need to remember if your stop is a street, avenue, center or court — we’re mostly just looking for the stop name here. Also, if you think something might be abbreviated, spell it out. And finally: You only need either part of hyphenated station names.

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Note: If you can’t see this quiz on your mobile phone,find the MTA 5 line stops quiz here. Next quiz: How many stops on the MTA 2 line can you name?


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QUIZ: How many 5 train stops can you name?

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