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Dec 6, 2017

BRONX NEWS: Serial purse snatcher who mugged 8 in Bronx neighborhood busted

Cops busted the serial purse snatcher who they say terrorized women in a Bronx neighborhood during a month-long robbery spree, police said Wednesday.

Germaine Butler, 36, was arrested at a family member’s house on Coney Island late Tuesday bringing his alleged campaign of violent muggings to an end, cops said.

Butler’s eight attacks spanned a roughly 10-block area in Norwood beginning Oct. 4 and became increasingly violent over the course of the month, according to authorities.

During three muggings, cops say Butler threw or pushed the victims to the ground, causing the women minor injuries.

Bronx serial mugger has robbed 8 women in month-long spree

Butler, who lives in Williamsbridge less than a mile away from the haunts of his heists, snatched thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, and cellphones, including a ,300 score Oct. 21.

His last known robbery was Nov. 6, cops said.

Cops on Tuesday charged Butler— who has six prior arrests that include robbery, assault and drug charges — with five counts of robbery and three counts of grand larceny, police said.

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Serial purse snatcher who mugged 8 in Bronx neighborhood busted

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