Feb 16, 2018

Designing The Adidas FutureCraft Creator NDP With The Brooklyn Creator Farm

words // Nick DePaula
images // Jeffrey Jason & Nick DePaula

To kick off the brand’s massive 747 Warehouse St. celebration during NBA All-Star Weekend, Adidas is looking to showcase several of their brightest innovations and future concepts.

Marking the first time that the Brooklyn Creator Farm brought their collective tools and talents to a public brand event, Farm leaders Marc Dolce, Denis Dekovic and Mark Miner hosted a series of 2-hour Maker Lab workshops earlier today, challenging creators to come up with their own silhouette and design on the spot.

“We want to give you 10% of the shoe, and then the rest is entirely up to you to create,” outlined Dolce.

Taking early inspiration from the trio’s celebratory group photo from when they first joined the Adidas brand in late 2014 — which I actually shot on a rainy Portland day — I was able to work alongside Dekovic and the Farm’s master maker Eric Wise to bring my design to life over the course of two hours.

With five toolings at our disposal, we started with the Crazy BYW platform, one my favorite designs in recent memory from the brand. I also happened to be wearing my pair, which came in handy as Denis grabbed some tape and pen for a few mock toe-down designs along the way. From there, we toyed with additional parts and pieces, before sticking to a mostly sleekened and minimal look.

Styled in hues of Berrypark Concrete and Hawthorne Blue, the FutureBoost Creator NDP combines forefoot Boost and a 4D printed heel together, merging two of the brand’s biggest innovations for the very first time.

The upper features an exaggerated and laceless silhouette, with a lateral support wedge offering a texture and color break. Branding along the collar combines the Nice Kicks speech bubble with my own NDP logo, a combination of my initials and my affinity for throwing terrible behind-the-back pass turnovers during pickup runs.

Follow along throughout the process of concepting, hacking and making the Adidas FutureBoost Creator NDP, designed in tandem with Brooklyn Farm creators Denis Dekovic and Eric Wise. The BCF pop-up will be finalizing the construction this weekend, with a final look at the assembled shoe on the way. Let us know what you think on Instagram at @NiceKicks and @NickDePaula.


Designing The Adidas FutureCraft Creator NDP With The Brooklyn Creator Farm

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