May 31, 2015

Nike Ranks As Most Valuable Apparel Brand in the World

Now in its tenth edition, Millard Brown recently published its most valuable global brand’s in the world list. To no surprise, tech giants align at the top of the rankings, with the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM filling the top respectively. But as it pertains to appeal companies, sportswear juggernaut Nike is now the most valuable apparel brand in the world.

Now, this just doesn’t relate to footwear, or even athleticwear. Nike towers over brands like Louis Vuitton, ZARA, Hermés, Tommy Hilfiger and H&M – prominent fashion companies with a global presence and widely transcendent cultural reach. This shift is likely due in large part to the emergence of leisurely activewear and the resurgence of sophisticated sport – dressing up things like windbreakers, sweats, and the tailoring of said items to bring about a sartorial presence in casual garments.

With a brand valuation up 21% from 2014 to current times, Nike continues to impress with their all-encompassing consumer base – one that features all ages groups and unique distinctions in style preference.

1. Nike

2. Louis Vuitton

3. Zara

4. Hermes

5. H&M

Source: HS


Nike Ranks As Most Valuable Apparel Brand in the World

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