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Sep 21, 2017

Kick & Roll Open Gym is Coming to Sneaker Week PDX

In Portland for Sneaker Week? Good call. If you’ve got shoes and a little bit of game, best bet is to get out to the Kick & Roll Open Gym this Saturday. While hoopers and heat rockers in Texas, Philly and LA are familiar with the sneaker themed b-ball session, the Pacific Northwest will get its first taste for the footwear festivities.

Click here to register.

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Sep 21, 2017

Dame Dash’s Massive Sneaker Collection Has Hit the Auction Block

The hip-hop world has no shortage of celebrity sneakerheads, and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash is a prime example. His bona fides are on display right now on eBay, where some of his personal collection is currently up for auction through Shoezeum’s eBay store. There are plenty of gems here, especially from the golden era of Nike SB. In addition to the Supreme x Dunk Low “Black
Cement” — arguably the most coveted pair from the lot — you’ll also find “Linen” Air Force 1s, the Undefeated x Nike Dunk High and various adidas Superstars. 10 is the most common size, though you’ll find the occasional 9.5 and 10.5 throughout the mix. Check out the assortment here.

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Sep 20, 2017

Bobbito Garcia Talks Hooping in OG Air Jordan 11s & Kyries at Sneaker Week PDX

Lead image by Justin Katigbak

Congregating at Century Bar in chilly Portland, Sneaker Week PDX last night hosted one of its most anticipated events. Bringing in many locals with a love for footwear and even designers from Arizona and writers from Austin, the Swoosh’d and Stripe’d wearers were all in a sports bar on a Tuesday for one reason: to hear Kool Bob Love speak.

Arriving in ASICS, baggy sweats with hoop shorts seemingly underneath and a streetball tee, Bobbito Garcia looked like he could have came right off the screen of his Doin’ It In the Park documentary that just screened before he sat down. Discussing the doc, his love of basketball, footwear and hip-hop, the OG if there ever was one had plenty of interesting things to say via a discussion moderated by Terrence Watson and audience Q&A. We could go on for days, but here are a few of our favorite bits from Bob:

– Bobbito literally created Sneaker Journalism in 1990 with the piece ‘Confessions of a Sneaker Addict’ published in 1991 by The Source. Bob did not pitch this piece, but was rather asked to write it as The Source wanted to expand from album reviews and interviews to all things hip-hop culture. At the time, The Source had boomed from local newsletter to newsstand giant and Bob’s piece was very much a blueprint for the retro wave that would follow decades later, calling out both the classics of the time and the models that needed to be reissued.

– Bob’s next big move in writing would be the pivotal Where’d You Get Those? book. Much like the article, Bob did not pitch it but was rather asked to write it. While the book got mad love from the likes of Vogue, The New Yorker and countless other outlets, he said the highest praise was when good friend DJ Clark Kent — who was also in attendance — personally called him and had him over to talk about the book. Like his article for The Source, the book proved ahead of its time and a rubric for both brands and wearers as to what was what and also what to bring back.

– When asked his favorite streetball shoe, Bob pointed to two models from the ’80s. First, the Air Force 1 was an incredible shoe to him because it was so technically advanced at the time. The shoe brought Air and extra padding to a blacktop game that was still dominated by the Chuck Taylor with many players wearing multiple pairs of socks with said Converse classic to replicate actual cushioning. His other favorite is the never retroed Nike Franchise, a model that had incredible cache with actual hoopers and less crossover off the court. Basically, if you had the Franchise you could really play.

Nike Franchise (via Asphalt Gold)

– Moving to the ’90s, Bob cited the Air Jordan 11 as his favorite model. When the shoe was rolling out, Bob was doing consulting and marketing work with Nike — much of which stemmed from both his article and book. While the Air Jordan 11 would debut in surprise fashion on the feet of Michael Jordan during the 1995 NBA Playoffs and later release the following fall, Bob would get hooked up with a pair from Nike months before the retail launch. Aside from getting asked what they were on courts in NYC, the highlight was talking trash and getting buckets in them on his old boss Russell Simmons at a now defunct hip-hop summit in Miami long before they came out. He’d give the pair to one of the artist he was working with before they dropped, somewhat regretting it but also citing he often gave away shoes and was never a guy to hoard or keep a big collection.

– He’s currently hooping in Kyries from Nike.

– He never sold out. This may seem like an easy thing to claim, but as pure as this guy’s love for culture is, the proof is in the pudding as he’s left jobs at Nike, Def Jam and Hot 97 for real reasons. That’s pretty rare and that’s a lot of fortitude.

– Bob can currently be caught on NPR as he’s teamed back up with partner Stretch for the new What’s Good radio show. Fun fact? Back on the Stretch & Bob Show they were the first station to play Lauryn Hill. In addition, Bob cites Pharoahe Monch as one of his favorite MCs due to his endurance over multiple decades.

– Lastly, what does Bob say is missing in sneaker culture or what needs to change? That’s for you and I to decide. For a man that’s now 50 and has seen many of his passions go from underground to mainstream, he truly believes it’s for the new crowd to keep it alive and make new things. Couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to the Terrence and the good folks at Sneaker Week PDX for putting on such a cool and culturally unique. Be sure to be on the lookout for Bob’s new movie Rock Rubber 45s coming soon. For a complete calendar of Sneaker Week PDX, click here.

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Sep 19, 2017

adidas Overtakes Jordan as the No. 2 Sneaker Brand in the U.S.

adidas is surging, and the numbers support the brand’s apparent forward momentum: market-research firm NPD Group says the Three Stripes now owns 13% of the sneaker market in the United States, more than double the figure from a year ago, and good enough to propel adidas over Jordan Brand to reach No. 2 in U.S. sneaker sales.
(Nike still reigns supreme, though its 44% market share is significantly down from the 60% it commanded in 2014.) 

adidas’ rebound is remarkable enough that Matt Powell of NPD Group took to Twitter to observe, “This is an achievement I never thought I would see in my lifetime.” Powell believes part of the brand’s success can be explained by the popularity of classic models like the adidas Superstar (surprisingly, the best-selling sneaker of 2016) as well as the resurgent Stan Smith. It would probably be folly, however, to discount the buzz generated by Kanye West’s Yeezy line. At the same time, Jordan Brand seems to be experiencing retro fatigue, as the Jumpman continues to flood the market with multiple Air Jordan reissues every month.

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Sep 18, 2017

Nike Flyleather Upends Traditional Sneaker Manufacturing

Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Billed as a new “super material,” Nike Flyleather is poised to be as game-changing as Nike Flyknit. It’s the brand’s lowest carbon-footprint leather material ever, made with at least 50 percent recycled natural leather fiber while using 90 percent less water power. Here’s how it’s made: 30 percent of a cow’s hide is typically discarded during the traditional leather manufacturing process, and Nike gathers the discarded leather scraps and turns them into fibers, which are then combined with synthetic fibers and a fabric infrastructure to create one fused material. A finishing process, including steps like pigmentation, allows the material to be put on a roll and cut. The end result feels like premium leather, but it has a more consistent grade and weighs 40-percent lighter — and is five times stronger — than traditional leather.

The first silhouette to feature Nike Flyleather is an all-white colorway of the Tennis Classic, available September 18th on and at the Nike SoHo store, NikeLab 21 Mercer and Dover Street Market New York. Also on tap are Nike Flyleather versions of the Air Force 1, Air Max 90, Cortez, Jordan 1 and Tennis Classic, all made in Oregon and debuting in New York during Climate Week NYC. Go here to find out how you can win a pair.

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Sep 13, 2017

N.D.G. Studio Releases its “2084” Sock Sneaker

Parisian-brand N.D.G. Studio today releases their widely anticipated “2084” Sock Sneaker, a knitted sock style first previewed back in August as a part of the brands seasonal lookbook.

Limited to just 100 pairs, the N.D.G. Stuido “2084” Sock Sneaker is produced in a lightweight tech knit which hovers above a Vibram RollinGait sole unit. The sole, technically advanced by its very nature, is designed to reduce muscle fatigue by supporting the foots natural motion. The shoes all-black knit upper is accented by a black leather heel counter ensuring the models premium aesthetic.

The very limited release of the “2084” Sock Sneaker is available now at the brands webshop.

N.D.G. Studio "2084" Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio “2084” Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio "2084" Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio “2084” Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio "2084" Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio “2084” Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio "2084" Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio “2084” Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio "2084" Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio “2084” Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio "2084" Sock Sneaker
N.D.G. Studio “2084” Sock Sneaker

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Sep 13, 2017

The adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange Brings Together Slam Jam and United Arrows & Sons

Image via: adidas

Image via: adidas

Both founded in 1989, Japan’s United Arrows & Sons and Italy’s Slam Jam are retailers that have since become the standard-bearers for contemporary fashion in their respective home countries.
They’ve now joined forces for the adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange, building a collaboration on a foundation of locally-sourced premium materials. The collaboration centers around two classic adidas silhouettes: the Campus, featuring an all-white upper using 100% organic cotton, referencing high-quality Japanese IKEUCHI ORGANIC toweling, and the Gazelle, carrying a chalk white upper made of of Alcantara, the high-quality material created in 1972 by a joint venture between Japanese and Italian companies. Rounding out the details are special branding details, including a “United Arrows & Sons and Slam Jam” print appearing on the Campus’ midsole and laces, while “Gazelle” and “Gat-zelle” — the original Japanese name for the model — are inscribed on either side of its counterpart. 

Both pairs initially launch September 22nd at United Arrows & Sons and Slam Jam stores, and their respective online stores at and A global release through Consortium accounts follows on October 7th.

Release Dates:
9/22/17 (Friday) – United Arrows & Sons and Slam Jam
10/7/17 (Saturday) – Global Consortium accounts

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Sep 13, 2017

adidas Has Another Basketball Sneaker with Boost Releasing Soon

As the wait for a Kanye West designed adidas basketball sneaker continues well into 2017, the brand with the three stripes is pushing forward with other inline pairs that join their most celebrated technologies.

Today we view a yet to be identified hoops style, one that seamlessly combines a Primeknit and neoprene upper atop full-length Boost cushioning. Its extended ankle collar makes for great stability, while the shoes widened lacing system should provide greater lockdown framing given how far it stretches over the foot.

What are your thoughts on this new adidas Basketball Boost sneaker? Take a look below and share your thoughts.

Source: fyk7

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Sep 12, 2017

My Journey Inside Nike’s Futuristic LIVE-DESIGN Experience Felt Like The Sneaker Matrix

words & photos // Ray P.:

I stepped into the sneaker matrix with Nike to experience the future of bespoke custom designing and it’s absolutely unbelievable. In this instance, I’m Neo and Mark Smith, VP Nike VP of Innovation Special Projects, is Morpheus.

I’ve spent a decade creating on NIKEiD and the one thing I wasn’t fond of was waiting a month to receive my sneakers. You probably can relate. Now here’s something people like us can look forward to, with Nike’s newest innovation, the Live- Design Experience, you can create and have your sneakers ready to wear in under 90 minutes. Can I get a hallelujah from the choir?

While in New York for Fashion Week, Nike sent me a very vague invite to check out their NIKE BY YOU studio. When you get an invite from Nike, you don’t ask questions, you just show up. And that’s exactly what I did.

Allow me to take you on this journey with me into innovation and the future of design.


Upon walking in, I was welcomed by the legendary Mark Smith, Nike VP of Innovation Special Projects. I was in utter shock. I don’t bug out when meeting important people, but it happened when I met Gentry Humphrey and now Mark. Both are responsible for our favorite sneakers of all time. This is the guy who sat with Michael Jordan, Kanye, Futura and just about every major project at Nike to create your grails.

Mr. Smith explains he’ll be assisting me with a 1-on-1 live design experience to test out their newest innovation. I’m geeking out at this point because I spend endless hours designing things on NIKEiD and I felt it prepared me for this moment.

I was instructed to switch my OFF-WHITE x VaporMax for a slip-on Presto. Yes they look kind of odd, but what you’re about to see will blow your mind.

Mark proceeded to walk me into a dark room which then lit up with countless sneakers and my name on the TV screens. Wow! My childhood dreams just came true. I’m really designing with Nike. My mind immediately went into go-mode by recalling different concepts I’ve always wanted to bring to life.

Little did I know, this experience was unlike any other.

“The intention of the project is to bring to life the collaborative design experience that we offer our athletes,” says Mark Smith. “They love products that tell their story, so we wanted to combine that idea with a new process of live design and manufacturing that allows our guests to come into the space, work collaboratively with us and leave with a special product in less time than ever before.”

*Read ahead for more of the Nike Live-Design Experience below


I’m literally Neo in the Matrix looking at the screens in front of me.

This isn’t a video reel playing, the Live-Design Experience is voice command activated. I can say whatever color I want and the room changes immediately. Mark Smith continued to explain the features I will be able to take advantage of during this design session.

As I chose colors, custom text, and graphics, my shoes came to life and displayed the design as I made any on-the-spot changes or edits. And, I didn’t even need special glasses to see the graphics on my feet. This is the pinnacle of digital design.

The best way I could describe it is NIKEiD in real life. Instead of working with 3D renders on a computer screen, I’m looking down at my feet and speaking my shoes into existence. No clicking of any buttons, it’s just me and my voice.

At this point I’m shook.

It takes most people longer to come up with their idea than it does for us to make it.
— Mark Smith, Nike VP of Innovation Special Projects


Options are limitless. You can invert colors, enlarge or minimize text, remix graphics and let your wildest dreams come true.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the slip-on Presto, but that immediately changed once I was able to play with patterns and colors live. Creating a caged Presto was an option as well.

The best feature about this live-design experience is what you see on your feet is exactly what you’ll get. I usually worry about how accurate colors will be when using NIKEiD, but during this process colors are 100% accurate.

After plenty of shifting through colors and graphics, it was time to finalize four different designs. The voice command was so fast, I was able to compare designs immediately and really cut down time on which I wanted to create.

While you can personalize this shoe however you want including your name, birthday and such, my approach to taking advantage of such a bespoke experience is about you. I’ve always wanted to design GR sneakers. A design that is available everywhere, but also is that shoe people lose their minds to when they see it sitting on a shelf, that’s dope to me. I want to design something everyone wants to wear.

I chose to use the text SWOOSH in a herringbone pattern with Nike’s distinct colors. The iconic logo will never be forgotten visually so I wanted to reinterpret it in an all-over print.

Nike set a record by making my shoe in only 46 minutes. Usually, their promised time is 90 minutes. Crazy!


You were wow’d by watching some videos of my experience, so imagine what it felt like to actually partake in this. It left me speechless. Designing with Mark Smith is a none in a lifetime opportunity for a guy like me who just loves sneakers and enjoys documenting the culture. I love the concept of taking the experience an athlete or collaborator has with Nike and allowing us normal folks to be on that level of design.

Nike doesn’t have a projected date on when this Live-Design project will officially be accessible to the public, but trust they are working diligently to make that a possibility sooner than later. Don’t rush greatness.

You can always expect Nike to always deliver the unexpected. Cutting down production time from a month to under 90 minutes is what the people wanted and they delivered. Where the Swoosh excels at is creating unparalleled experiences and they nailed that here too.

One day we’ll live in a world where your entire collection is made up of sneakers you personally designed and I can’t wait.

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Sep 11, 2017

Rich the Kid is Formulating an Off-White Skateboard Sneaker

The Sneaker Way, Rich the Kid recently went to Stadium Goods with Joe La Puma to cop kicks and talk shop. Discussing his relationship with Benjamin Kickz and skating with Lil Wayne, the wild boy from Atlanta shed some light on the possibility of working with Virgil on an Off-White skate shoe. For those at home, Rich has been #TeamEarly on unreleased drops from Off-White as well as Fear of God.

So, what’s he into and what’d he cop? Find out below.

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Sep 4, 2017

My 5 // Tyshawn Jones’s Sneaker Rotation

New York’s very own Tyshawn Jones is the newest and youngest member of adidas Skateboarding. In skating, comfort and style goes a long way in regards to the shoe game. Still a teen, Tyshawn knows this and is getting exactly what he’s looking for from his team.

“I like adidas a lot,” says Tyshawn. “I jump and do ramps a lot. They make shoes that are comfortable and get the job done. They’re super durable. They’re made with good quality. Definitely buy some if you haven’t already.”

With his signature collabo dropping on September 5th, Jones is amped to see his shoes in the skate parks and out in the streets. We caught up with Ty on the eve of his adidas release to hear which kicks are getting the most burn from him on and off the board for the latest My 5.

adidas Iniki

adidas Iniki Runner

Tyshawn Jones: I like the way it looks, it’s mellow. If I’m hanging out, I can rock them so my feet don’t hurt as much. I feel like I’m walking on clouds when I wear them. They fly, too. It’s a good mixture. They’re a nice little running shoe that adidas made. There’s not too much technology going on, it’s not loud.

adidas NMD

Tyshawn Jones: I have some all-black ones and some all-white ones. I probably have like 10 pairs of them in total. I’ll just be wearing them. It’s all up to what I’m feeling and the fit that I’m rocking.

adidas Superstars

Tyshawn Jones: The Superstars signify a lot being from New York. I like them a lot. They made a skate version of it so you have the classic version and the skate version, so you feel both sides of it. They’re both pretty hard.

adidas Stan Smith

Tyshawn Jones: I like the Stan Smith because it’s basic and it’s still fly. The green OG ones go with everything. That’s the shoe you can wear with everything, just like the Superstars. You can’t really do that with the NMDs. That’s how classic the Stans are.

Tyshawn Jones x adidas Pro Model Vulc ADV

Tyshawn Jones: The shoe means a lot to me since I have my dog on it, rest in peace. Green’s like one of my favorite colors and that shoe is just me. Since my dog passed away, I wanted to have him on it since he’s a part of my skating. I even have a board with his face on it.

I like it a lot. I can’t wait to see everyone skating in it, see all my friends in it. The shoe was originally supposed to just be green but I didn’t think it stood out enough, so I picked gold and black so you could really see it. I chose the snakeskin on the side because I’ve never seen it on a skate shoe. I feel like I’m Batman in them, like a superhero.

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Aug 31, 2017

Houston’s Nard Got Sole is Getting the Sneaker Community Engaged with Hurricane Harvey Relief

Lacing local legends like Earl Campbell and Paul Wall, Houston native and resident Ranard Hardman better known as Nard Got Sole is using his craft and his connections to give back during this time of need in Southeast Texas.

Starting a GoFundMe Page with @cassidyw83, @krispysoles and friends, the high school hoops teammate of NK alum George Kiel is using his paint brush and power to give back directly to the people of Houston.

Here’s what Nard had to say about the fundraiser:

“All donations will go 100% to families impacted by this unprecedented storm. The funds will be spent obtaining these resources and essential items needed by hurricane victims. We all know someone who has lost so much and being a blessing to them is our top priority. Personally, I have many friends and family members who have suffered during the ordeal. We encourage everyone to continue sharing information.”

In addition, he can be contacted directly through IG for relief supplies. They are accepting all shoes, adult and kids clothing, toiletries, non perishable food items, blankets, clean socks and undergarments and any basic living essentials.

For more information and to give back, check out the GoFundMe page here.

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