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Jun 20, 2018

Virgil Abloh’s First Louis Vuitton Sneaker Revealed

Ahead of Virgil Abloh‘s Paris Fashion Week debut with louis Vuitton later tonight, his new coworker, LV’s Head of Design Men’s Footwear, Mathias Patillon, has offered a preview of Abloh’s very-first sneaker.

The vivid image, showing a pair of sneakers tossed into the air with only the bottom visible, draws immediate comparisons to the 1988 produced Air Jordan 3. The coloring, design, brand placement — everything leans toward a direct ode to the Tinker Hatfield designed silhouette. Although overt, this reference isn’t far removed from Abloh’s deconstruction of the Air Jordan 1 with his highly popular OFF WHITE collaboration.

Seen in greater detail on the feet of ASAP Rocky, a much more apparent departure from traditional sneaker design is noted. Contrasting the sporty outsole is a retro-fitted upper with unique paneling and an equally vintage ankle strap. Yet even with these aforementioned old school components, Abloh’s design evokes a modern contemporary emotion with premium materials and a high-arching build. The retro basketball sneaker is, to some degree, wrapped in a futuristic cocoon.

Abloh’s Louis Vuitton 408 Sneakers are expected to release in conjunction with the French fashion houses spring/summer 2019 collection.

Louis Vuitton 408 Sneakers
Louis Vuitton 408 Sneakers

Source: Upscale Hype

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Jun 20, 2018

A Guide for Young Creatives Looking to Get into Sneaker Content Creation

words by Hannah Rodway (@mrsteriyaki) and Thierry Tek (@t.mcfly, co-founder of @visionarism)

I consider myself quite new to the game, having only been producing sneaker content for just under a year. It’s been a real journey and it has taken me a few places. I’ve also met some great people; one of those friendly faces from the scene is Thierry Tek of Visionarism. Thierry and his business partner have formed their own agency in early 2016 and have been thriving ever since, working with brands such as Nike, Asics, Puma, Foot Locker and more.

With content creation being a very new career choice and one that is growing in popularity, we thought it’d be beneficial to others with questions and ambitions, to converse about the topic and share our experiences. We linked up in central London and hit up some of the cultural hot spots.

@mrsteriyaki: I think the question for a lot of people is how do I start? So, let’s go through your journey; how, why and when did you start?

@t.mcfly: For me, the starting point was my passion for footwear. I’ve been buying sneakers for over a decade and have accumulated a lot of shoes in that time. Before social media became a thing, we were showing our style and sneakers in the streets, and sometimes sharing images through online forums. With the growth of social media, Instagram more specifically, I started to post photos showing pieces from my collection and “on-feet” shots. Again, at first, it was all about sharing my passion. But over time, I started developing an interest in photography, and brands ended up noticing my work. It led to getting invited to all sorts of events, and that allowed me to meet a lot of great people. Then I carried on, developing my skills and style while networking with industry figures. At some point, I just realized that the market was missing something and that there was a gap to fill between brands and the consumers. That’s when myself and my business partner decided to create Visionarism, a structure which is a creative agency specialized in digital content creation, but also a platform that allows young creatives, upcoming and established brands to show their work.

@mrsteriyaki: Discovering your own niche and identity is something that I quickly picked up on as something I needed. How did that manifest for you? And what ways do you suggest others can discover their own?

@t.mcfly: Finding my own identity and what I really wanted to do wasn’t easy. I always knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur in a creative field, but had no idea what my career would be. I studied business and corporate finance and started working in the banking industry for about 4 years. Social media has played a huge part in finding my niche. It’s because of social media that I discovered an interest in photography, which I managed to turn into a career. The great thing with social media is that, from a creative point of view, you can get inspiration from so many people who share a common interest. There is a very fine line between getting inspiration from people and copying them. If you truly have a creative mindset, you can easily get inspired by what surrounds you, and create your own thing. For me personally, I just got inspired by everything I liked, and made my own mixture with it, until the moment when people started to recognize my work. So my advice would be to research and see what’s around you, but always focus on being unique and different.

@mrsteriyaki: Finding opportunities to work for brands and platforms can often be the hardest aspect of this industry. What advice would you give to young creatives starting out?

@t.mcfly: It might be a bit cliché but I’d say that networking is key. Perfecting your craft, improving your skills, and getting exposure to show your work are all very important but the human factor is always the main thing. There is nothing better than introducing yourself in person, telling people about what you do, and tell your story. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll get. One thing though, opportunities isn’t everything, what you do with it and the value you create from it defines you and your talent.

@mrsteriyaki: I couldn’t agree more, networking is easily the biggest thing I would recommend to people investing in. It has proved fruitful in my journey too; hence this conversation! Are there any lessons you have learned that stand out in your mind?

@t.mcfly: Don’t choose people to network with depending on who they are, who they work for, or what you think they can give you. Be curious and try to enjoy conversations with people in general. Networking without thinking about how it can benefit you is the best way to build strong relationships. I’ve always liked interacting with individuals I’ve met, asking questions and learning from them. You never know who each person can become, so an honest and authentic interest in people for me is the most important. Don’t underestimate anyone.

@mrsteriyaki: That’s dope and some solid advice. Invest in others despite their title; our future leaders and innovators lie amongst this generation.

@mrsteriyaki: So, are there any misconceptions you’d like to address about this industry?

@t.mcfly: It is a very fun industry to work in. If you love fashion, sportswear, streetwear, etc, building a career in marketing and content creation is great. But there are a few things I’ve discovered since getting into this industry (in London), one of them being that there is no meritocracy. Even if you’re great at what you do, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. At the end of the day, it is a very closed industry and getting your way in is difficult. Competition is tough. And even though competition is a motivation and challenge for me to do better, I’ve noticed that a lot of players in this industry seem to fear it. Then, even when you manage to get into it, you always have to adapt and prove yourself, as you cannot take anything for granted. Once you feel entitled, that’s when things go downhill, and I’ve seen many people go down this road and end up being irrelevant and frustrated. You’ll also meet a lot of  “blocks”, and hear a lot of people telling you that you shouldn’t do certain things, that some things can’t change in this industry, and that it’s not worth it. In my opinion, if you love what you do and believe in it, just go for it, nobody should dictate your actions but you.

@mrsteriyaki: How do you see the future of this industry going? And what is your vision for @visionarism?

@t.mcfly: I’m quite optimistic about the future of this industry. I can already see changes in brands’ behaviors. They trust the creatives they work with more and more. It’s still a “work in progress” with big corporations but I do feel that our voices are being heard. I’m also very excited for the next generation who really shows creativity in their way of thinking. I can see a strong wave of new entrepreneurs coming.

As for Visionarism, it’s all about doing what we love, with amazing individuals and brands. We are slowly building a strong portfolio, and work with a lot of talented creatives. We want to push the boundaries and carry on showing our vision through the work we do with our clients and partners. We have a few interesting projects in the pipeline, so watch this space…

A big shout out to Thierry and Visionarism for coming together with me on this topic and sharing such value to I’m sure a lot of young people and budding sneaker content creators. I hope our chat answered some questions you may have had or cleared up any grey areas, I know it has for me and I’ll be taking everything I have learned from our convo going forward.

Catch you guys next time or connect with me via @mrsteriyaki.


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Jun 15, 2018

Sneakersnstuff Gets Its own adidas Consortium 4D Sneaker

Image via: Sneakersnstuff

Image via: Sneakersnstuff

adidas has a new project centered the brand’s Futurecraft 4D technology, with a quartet of retailers — Sneakersnstuff, INVINCIBLE, Kith and Footpatrol — releasing their own spin on a new silhouette dubbed the Consortium 4D. First out of the gates is Sneakersnstuff, whose take on the futuristic sneaker features a blend of navy and red hues on a knitted upper, supported underneath by the distinctive lattice-like midsole created through the groundbreaking process of Digital Light Synthesis technology. Retailing for 9, the kicks are slated to launch exclusively through an in-store raffle. Go to now to enter. Registration closes June 20th, with raffle pick-up starting the following day on June 21st.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Jun 15, 2018

Palm Angels Previews New Sneaker

The “Dad Shoe” trend has been hot for a minute. Palm Angels recently took to Instagram to preview a new sneaker model that’s not far off from said style but a tad more progressive.

The unique low-top features a predominantly white and grey makeup with orange accents. The most compelling feature of the model is that they come with two pull tabs on each shoe. Rounding out the design is the sneaker’s multi-textile construction that seemingly boasts suede, mesh and nylon fabrics.

What do you think about this unique design from Palm Angels? Would you wear them? Take a look below and let us know on social.

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Jun 14, 2018

Marvin Bagely’s PUMA Contract Largest NBA Rookie Sneaker Deal Since Durant // Report

At Duke, Marvin Bagley rocked Nikes and became one of the top players in his class and will be a top pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. Bagley however, will switch from the Swoosh to PUMA once he actually enters the NBA.

That’s right, Bagley is going to be hooping in PUMAs in the NBA. Bagley will become the first player to wear PUMA since 1998, when Vince Carter played in them. But Bagley isn’t just going to be playing in PUMAs, he also is signing a massive deal with the company.

According to The Athletic’s Jon Krawczynski, Bagley will sign a five-year deal with PUMA. Bagley’s deal with PUMA will be the largest rookie sneaker contract since Kevin Durant with Nike.

Durant’s first deal with Nike was for seven years, million. So while Bagley’s deal is two years fewer than Durant’s, he apparently is going to be making a lot more money per year.

Krawczynski also reports that PUMA is “negotiating with other draft picks” and may possibly sign a few more soon-to-be rookies to sneaker deals. If that happens, then perhaps PUMA may be the next big sneaker player in the NBA landscape.

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Jun 13, 2018

Paul George Previews His Nike PG 2.5 Sneaker

Paul George has one of the most worn sneakers in the NBA. His debut signature model, the Nike PG1, is widely considered one of the best on-court sneakers in years. Similar adoration for his PG2 is also beginning to mount. But George has more in store where his Nike collection is concerned, including a PG 2.5 which he previewed earlier this week.

With striking similarities to the PG2, George’s 2.5 masterfully deviates just slightly from its predecessor without being derivative. Instead, the “Fortnite” themed colorway creates a new life for itself while equally taking from the shaping and tooling of the PG2.

Stay tuned for more on the Nike PG 2.5 and its potential release.

Nike PG 2.5
Nike PG 2.5

source: ygtrece

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Jun 12, 2018

Every Sneaker Worn by LeBron James This Season

Athlete, activist and Akron’s own, LeBron James had one hell of a season on the basketball court as well as off of it.

On the hardwood, the leading man for the league, Cleveland Cavaliers and Nike Basketball proved best in show to most fans and NBA experts, playing in all 82 games of the season and making the NBA Finals for what now seems like clockwork.

A comeback of sorts, the Nike LeBron 15 proved the King’s most interesting signature shoe in years, upping the ante on tech with BattleKnit construction while creating a chase with the #LeBronWatch PE program.

From ACG referencing renditions of his own PE to the Soldier style he’d dub with the “Injection Game” nickname, see all of King James’ Kicks on Court from the 2017-18 season.

Nike LeBron 15 “Air Zoom Generation” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Equality” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Finals” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 General Releases


Nike LeBron 15 “Cavs” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Diamond Turf” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 "Diamond Turf"

Nike LeBron 15 Statement PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Four Horsemen” PE

Nike LeBron 15 “Griffey Max” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Shox BB4” PE

Nike LeBron 15 “Air Max 95” PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Waffle Trainer” PE

Nike LeBron 15 Low

Nike Soldier 11

Nike LeBron 14 PEs

Nike LeBron 15 “Nike Box” PE

Nike LeBron 15 “Mowabb” PE

Nike Zoom Soldier III

Kith x Nike LeBron 15s

Nike LeBron 15 “South Beach” PE

Nike LeBron 15 "South Beach"

Select photos via Getty Images, Zimbio, Nike LeBron, Slam Kicks, Sole Collector & BR Kicks

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Jun 11, 2018

New Louis Vuitton Sneaker Sketch Surfaces

It has not been long since Virgil Abloh was named Louis Vuitton‘s men’s wear artistic director. He has had success in the sneaker realm with his own Off-White label as well with Nike. Now, a sketch has surfaced online from @Pinoe77  which is rumored to be his new Louis Vuitton sneakers.

The sneaker appears to take inspiration from the Air Jordan 3, which was originally rumored to come out as a part of the Off-White x Nike “The Ten” Collection.

Coincidence or not? Check out the sketch image below, and let us know what is your opinion?

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Jun 7, 2018

The Nike React Element 87 Is Already a Contender for Sneaker of the Year

Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Last month, the internet was agog over leaked images of the UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87. It would appear the level of online enthusiasm has barely dipped with the unveiling of the sneaker’s two general-release colorways, each featuring a mostly translucent upper finished in a choice of Sail or Anthracite shades. Both pairs make use of Nike’s React cushioning system undefoot, as well as an asymmetrical tongue up top and genuine cork insoles within. While the Swoosh has yet to reveal a confirmed release date, word on the street is that the kicks will be available beginning June 14 for 0. Check out out detailed looks in the gallery below and stay tuned for updates. 

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Jun 7, 2018

OFF-WHITE Bandage Sneaker Launches This Month

Equally active on IG and IRL, OFF-WHITE stays busy on the footwear tip with the upcoming Bandage Sneaker.

Dropping on June 20th at the OW flagship shop and online at their web store, a protruding midsole sets the stage for a strapped-up upper devoid of leather but as expected smartly branded.

Zip-lock detailing and tagged up laces keep this new model in line with coveted collabs as previewed in the post below.

men’s & women’s Off-White™ “CST-100” bandage sneaker on set at pre-collection shoot. releasing June 20th flagship retail stores and Off-White™ “webstore”.

A post shared by Off-White™ (@off____white) on

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Jun 6, 2018

Here’s Every Sneaker From the Marvel x Vans Collection

Image via: Vans

Image via: Vans

Last week we were treated to a sampling of Vans’ new collection dedicated to the assorted superheroes that populate the Marvel universe. That’s followed here with a comprehensive look at the full sneaker collection, featuring men’s, women’s, kids’ and toddlers’ sizes. Highlights include a custom Old Skool outfitted in a unique color story representing key members of the Avengers; a “Black Panther” Sk8-Hi done up in an all-black build mimicking T’Challa’s vibranium suit; and a “Hulk” Classic Slip-On depicting the toes of Bruce Banner’s alter ego bursting through Vans’ signature checkerboard pattern. The kicks make up a portion of the larger collaboration, featuring 70-plus styles that also feature apparel and accessories. The goods will be available starting June 8th at and select retailers.

Release Date: 6/8/18 (Friday)

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Jun 4, 2018

Lil Yachty Has Even More Heat in His Sneaker Closet

Last week, Lil Yachty gave us a tour his Atlanta mansion and showed part of his hyped sneaker collection on Complex Closets with Joe La Puma. This week he’s ready to show the rest of his even more exclusive footwear stash.

During the Complex Closets shoot, Yachty shows his massive BAPE collection, rare Air Force 1s and his Nike Mags. He also reveals that he got the Undefeated x Air Jordan 4s for a steal. Yachty goes on to show off his Air Yeezys and ends up giving a shoutout to P.J. Tucker for having such a crazy sneaker collection.

On top of that, he talks about his Reebok deal and some of the OG Reebok sneakers. Check out the episode below.

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